Lubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish (LXQt) screenshots

Lubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish is the first release of Lubuntu with LXQt. LXQt is a lightweight desktop build around the Qt framework. It can be considered as a blend of LXDE and Razor-Qt projects. Despite the lack of experience with LXQt, Lubuntu team has done an excellent working in making Lubuntu Cosmic Cuttlefish a great experience.

With the increased memory usage, it is no longer a lightweight distribution, instead a full featured desktop operating system.

Lubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish, LXQt Desktop - First impression
Distribution Name Lubuntu
Version 18.10
Code name Cosmic Cuttlefish
Release date 19th October 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment LXQt
Home Page

LXQt application menu. It is simple, but provides features like search for items and trigger by super key.

Lubuntu Cosmic Cuttlefish ships LXQt 0.13

The PCManFM Qt File Manager. It is a Qt port of PCManFM.

A Qt implementation of LXQt. Windowed view

Drop drown view of LXTerminal

Lubuntu Cosmic ships Mozilla Firefox as default browser. This is one among the reasons for not referring Lubuntu as a lightweight desktop

A demonstration of multitasking in Lubuntu

VLC - The universal media player

2048 Game

LXImage Viewer

LibreOffice impress

Discover - A Qt based application manager. Listing featured applications on home page

Discover provides seamless integration with snap applications. It ships many proprietary applications like Skype is shipped in snap format.

Muon is a Qt based package manager

QFS System Resource Usage

LXQt configuration menu

LXQt configuration center

LXQt appearance configuration

On idle state, Lubuntu consumes around 389M of memory, which is significantly high comparing to previous releases.

Featherpad is a tabbed, Qt based text editor

Battery Info

Shutdown Menu

Shutdown confirmation

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