elementary OS 5 Juno screenshots

elementary OS 5 Juno is the fifth major release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution providing clean and compact desktop environment. This release includes thoroughly refined look and feel to improve the users experience. It also includes several other features to make the life easier for beginners and advanced users.

A preview of elementary OS 5 Juno
Distribution Name elementary OS
Version 5
Code name Juno
Release date 16th October 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Pantheon
Home page http://elementary.io/

elementary OS 5 Juno Pantheon Desktop - First impression

Slingshot application menu

Slingshot application menu - Category wise listing

Pantheon Files is a simple, yet full featured file manager

Pantheon Terminal

Keyboard Shortcut listing in elementary OS

Epiphany is the default browser in elementary OS

GUI based multitasking demonstration

Photos is another application developed by elementary team

Pantheon Music

Pantheon Videos

Calendar Application

elementary code

About elementary OS

Switchboard Control Center

Collection of backgrounds in elementary 5 Juno

AppCenter - A pay what you want app store

Application page in AppCenter

List of related applications in elementary AppCenter

Calendar Widget

Volume Indicator

WiFi indicator

Battery indicator

User Info menu

Shutdown confirmation

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