antiX 17.2 Helen Keller screenshots

antiX 17.2 is an incremental update in antiX 17.x series. This release is referred by the code name Helen Keller. As an incremental release, it brings various bug fixes and patches for critical security issues.

antiX is a fast, lightweight GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian stable branch. It can work with both new systems and old systems. You can read more about antiX in our gallery. Let's have a peek into various screens of antiX.

antiX 17.2 Desktop First impression.

antiX provides a simple, and compact application menu. It can be launched by hitting the super key.

The antiX file manager

Midnight Commander is a command line based file manager. It is included in antiX base image.

LXTerminal is used as default terminal emulator in antiX

Despite being a lightweight distribution, antiX ships Firefox ESR as default browser

GUI based multitasking demonstration in antiX


mpv is another simple media player shipped in antiX
Poor Man's Radio Player is a command line based radio player for streaming radio stations

Mirage image viewer

antiX brings a collection of interesting tools which includes boot repair, codecs installer, command line based application installer, firewall configuration tool, snapshot creator, repo manager, ..etc.

If it is the Debian family, Synaptic is there.

antiX Control Center is a place to look for all configuration options

Logout Menu

Shutdown confirmation

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