elementary Juno beta 2 screenshots

On 21st September 2018, elementary team has announced availability of elementary Juno beta 2 for testing. This development release showcases a set of features that we can expect on final release. The main purpose of launching beta release is to give a quick preview for technical users, enable regression for community contributors and provide a platform for 3rd party app developers to make their app compatible with upcoming Juno release.

Juno has made significant improvement in user experience. Let's have a peek to various visual components of elementary Juno beta 2.
Distribution Name elementary OS
Version 5 beta 2
Code name Juno
Release date 21st September 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Pantheon
Home page http://elementary.io/

elementary OS Juno beta 2, Pantheon Desktop - First impression

About the elementary Juno beta 2 (The About Dialog)

A brief of elementary shortcuts. This can be launched by pressing Super Key

Slingshot application launcher

Slingshot lists applications categorically

Pantheon Files, default file manager in elementary

Pantheon Terminal

Multitasking Overview

Multiple windows opened at a time.

The Midori Web browser

Movies Application

Pantheon Music

Pantheon Photos


Switchboard Settings Manager

Background settings

elementary Code

top utility showing resource usage

Calendar Application

Sound Widget

Network applet

User menu

Shutdown confirmation

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