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Trisquel is a Libre GNU/Linux distribution that completely adheres to the Free Software Foundation guide lines. Trisquel 8 Flidas is an upcoming stable release of Trisquel, based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS branch. This is going to be the first release of the project featuring MATE Desktop instead of discontinued GNOME 2.x. Let's have a quick walk through various screens of Trisquel 8.

Disclaimer : The screenshots shared in this blog are captured from a daily image of Trisquel 8. There may be slight variations in the final release.
Distribution Name Trisquel
Version 8 (daily build 20th March 2018)
Code name Flidas
Release Date 20th March 2018
Desktop Environment MATE Desktop

Trisquel 8, just like it's parent, makes use of LightDM Display Manager. The visible differences with Ubuntu includes background change and the trisquel logo.

Trisquel 8 is the first release of Trisquel that uses MATE as default desktop environment. It is customised to look like the GNOME 2.x desktop used in previous releases.  
Despite having several application menus for mate desktop, Trisquel uses the default Main Menu. it is exactly similar to the one included in previous release. In user experience point of view, the developers could have replaced this with a more modern menu like Brisk Menu developed by Solus project. hmm.... Wait a minute.. There may be some policy issues for including Brisk Menu.

Caja File Manager. There is a decent in Gtk theme and icon theme included in Trisquel. It looks almost like in previous releases. But we can't forget the effort taken to migrate that user experience from discontinued GNOME 2.x project to MATE Desktop.

MATE Terminal is default terminal emulator in Trisquel 8. The screenfetch command is used for illustration purpose. Screenfetch correctly identifies the distributions and draws an ugly logo in terminal window.

GUI multitasking Overview in Trisquel 8.

Abrowser is used as default web browser in Trisquel 8. On the first launch, it asks user to configure their privacy settings. In this page, we can configure the system to match with our privacy and feature requirements.

Abrowser web browser in action.

VLC is used as default media player in Trisquel. Previous releases of Trisquel used to ship totem as default media player. In this release VLC 2.2.2 is included, which quite outdated. But that is what we can expect from a system based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

LibreOffice productivity suite is available in default installation of Trisquel 8.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Eye of MATE Image Viewer

Trisquel 8 uses a standard application manager for adding/removing applications.

For advanced users, Trisquel 8 includes synaptic package manager.

The MATE Control Centre - A central hub to look for all configuration options.

On idle state, Trisquel 8 consumes around 540 MB of memory, which is expected from a distribution featuring MATE Desktop.

When we look for idle state memory consumption on command line, it is very less. It shows  around 293 MB memory.

The MATE Tweak tool contains option to switch between various panel layouts. I think, Trisquel team is quite ready with this configuration. Because, they don't have any name for their default configuration.

The GNOME 2.x layout takes use to the old GNOME world with panels on top and bottom.

The openSUSE layout is with a bottom panel. Alternatively, we can choose the Redmond layout. It is like open suse layout, but includes a modern menu with search options.

Shutdown confirmation.

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