ArchMerge 6.3.1 Xfce screenshots

ArchMerge is an Arch based GNU/Linux distribution that offers a smooth learning curve. It provides a 4 phase learning path to improve Linux Skills. There are multiple flavors of ArchMerge. The Xfce flavor is meant for absolute beginners. Let's have a quick walk through various screens of ArchMerge 6.3.1 Xfce edition.

Distribution Name ArchMerge
Version 6.3.1
Code name NA
Base Arch
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 1st January 2018

The ArchMerge 6.3.1 Xfce Desktop. First impression. It is looking dark with some modern wallpaper. A dock is present on left side of the desktop which contains a bunch of shortcuts to various applications.

ArchMerge makes use of Xfce 4.12 Desktop from Arch repositories. ArchMerge does not reinvent anything, instead it makes use of existing stuffs from Arch repositories. Probably you may have noticed change in wallpaper. Yes. ArchMerge periodically change wallpapers unless we stop it explicitly.

The Whisker Application menu is a component in recent Xfce4 featured distributions. Unfortunately, in ArchMerge, Whisker Menu is not configured to popup with Super key which is a desired feature.

Thunar file manager

The Termite Terminal emulator.

Cool Retro Term - Old fashioned terminal emulator

Finally, the default Xfce4 Terminal emulator.

Chromium is default web browser in ArchMerge

Vivaldi Web Browser


VLC Media Player

Lollypop Music Player

InkSpace Vector Editor

Ristretto Image Viwer

DarkTable - Image & Camera manager

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

Geany - A simple & lightweight IDE

Sublime 3 Development Edition

Atom Code Editor

Background Selection

LibreOffice productivity suite

Conky Manager

GUI Multitasking Demo

Alt + Tab switching

Task Manager

Resource usage on idle state

Pamac a front end of libpam

GNOME Software

Shutdown Confirmation

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