KDE Neon User Edition 20170427 screenshots

Screenshots of KDE Neon, a modern operating system developed by KDE community. Built on top of Ubuntu LTS release, this distributions ships latest stable release of KDE Plasma desktop.
Distribution Name KDE Neon
Version User Edition 2017.04.27
Release Date 27th April 2017
Base Ubuntu 16.04
Desktop Environment KDE Plasma

Booting into KDE Neon

KDE Neon login screen

Loading plasma desktop

Plasma Desktop in KDE Neon - First impression

About System

Application Menu

Dolphin file manager

Konsole terminal emulator

Window switching (Alt + tab)

Firefox browser
VLC  Media Player

Discover Software Center

System updates in Discover

System Settings

Application Switching

Resource usage.

Calendar widget

Session leave options

Shutdown confirmation

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